Natalie Lee

About me

I am a Somatic Movement practitioner based in Stroud. I’ve also been a social worker for 17 years and have worked for over 25 years with individuals and groups who live with mental health issues, physical impairments and health concerns. In recent years I have been supporting, supervising and coaching staff who work in the field of health and social care. I care deeply about wellbeing and how we can support ourselves and others to feel good in ourselves.

I have long been aware of how unhelpful our culture of the ‘mind’ versus ‘body’ divide is, ever since I was fortunate enough to get holistic, complementary treatment for a chronic health condition in my early 20s. There is a growing body of knowledge now about how our minds and mental wellbeing are affected by our physical bodies, from our gut health to our autonomic nervous system.
Scientific research into how our thoughts and mental state can affect our physical wellbeing. And vice versa. See my blog and Resources for more information on this.

I was drawn to train as a Somatic Movement Practitioner as this way of working with our whole being, our body-mind, just feels right to me.
This isn’t about telling anyone how their body should be, but about how it is now. Today. It is a creative and dynamic way of working with the body in the broadest sense, using creativity and movement to find ease, connection, a sense of belonging and self-acceptance, vitality and wellbeing.


MA in Dance & Somatic Wellbeing University of Central Lancashire: Distinction

Continuing Professional Development: enrolled on Infant Movement Development with IBMT (Integrative Body-Mind Therapy) and also Sharon Blackie: Sisters of Rock and Stone, myth and medicine.

I am currently offering 1 to 1 sessions online and in person in Stroud and I’m planning a number of one day workshops. See Sessions for more details, or Contact Me.

As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I meet the high Standards of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics. For more information visit

I found all the sessions supported me integrate more fully and consciously into myself. I left each session relaxed, focused and peaceful
These sessions supported me in creative and practical ways to experience different parts of the body. In an integrated way, as well as separated and in isolation. This allowed me to have a deep experience on a physical, emotional and spiritual level