The big news item

Please could you let me know by Saturday 20 June
at the latest whether you would be willing to work in this way in order
that we can get back into action. This would be a one-off, unless
things change massively over coronavirus, as I would not envisage us
opening in Augustin any case and by September, anouther 3.5 months ahead
we may well be able to return to something like the normal pattern.
The question may well be asked why we don't wait until September but the
danger is that we could be inundated with months worth of repairs when
we re-opened and having this half-way house way of working might remove
the backlog in a manageable way. We would not meet all the aims of the
Repair Cafes e.g. letting people see the repair so that they could learn
for themselves but we would get a load of repairs done which would be a
help to people and the environment.

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